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The AgriDome in winter.

About PolarPonics.

PolarPonics is an innovative, entrepreneurial enterprise that is dedicated to developing cost-effective, sustainable and ecologically responsible agricultural technologies for agri-preneurs, enthusiasts, experienced growers and small communities in Canada and elsewhere. These will meet the need for food security by integrating inexpensive, market-ready technologies & methods to improve the efficiency of indoor & outdoor agricultural production. We are ready to partner with other innovators and institutions to continue to develop the future of food security.


Our Focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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Applied Research

We are actively engaged in concept & proposal development to build research capacities among diverse stakeholders

ecological innovation
Innovative Products

Through applied research, we have developed & patented key technologies to enable food security for community-level agriculturalists.

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We are ready to apply our knowledge to develop effective solutions for individuals and communities.


Focus Projects

Past, Present and Future.
AgriDome Feasibility Study

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

PoultryPonics Demonstration

Hay River, Northwest Territories


Founder of PolarPonics

A problem-solving innovator who is developing cutting-edge agricultural innovations.
Glenn Scott
Glenn J. Scott.

Glenn is a passionate professional with broad experience in project management, proposal development, research and innovation. He has extensive experience with the inception, deployment and delivery of results in major environmental and agricultural research projects throughout the circumpolar Arctic. With a strong background in the fields of agricultural innovation, sustainable development, climate change, hydrometeorology and hydroponics, he intends to develop food security solutions for individuals and communities throughout Canada.

Glenn J. Scott

Glenn J. Scott

Why Get in Touch With us?

Consultations. Collaboration. Investment Opportunities.

Research Experience

With a foundation in applied research, we been actively engaged in environmental and agricultural research in Canada’s north and beyond.

Cutting-Edge Creativity

We are unafraid to do what hasn’t been done before and forge inter-disciplinary connections to develop concepts that are both inspiring and insightful.

Proposal Development

Mastering the art of the well-researched ‘pitch’ has led to successfully funded projects through various public agencies and private interests.

Actionable Results

All research and projects that we develop must lead to results that can be immediately applied.

Ecologically Engaged

The development of ecologically guided technology that works with its environment rather than against it is our founding principle .


‘What do communities and customers actually need or want?’ is our first question, not our last.


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Get in Touch

We look forward to any questions that you have:

(867) 335-8776

105 8th Street SE, Box 762, Chesley, Ontario, Canada N0G 1L0